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05/11/2011 / Diary

November 5th, 2011

Recommended Music ...

...from a half-grey morning...



...to a half-sunny noon...



The hours before noon were dedicated to listening and hearing. 

Music is simply not only music. Music and especially suitable entitled
Music is producing pictures, memories, associations, moods and modes,
which are unique, intense and emotional...


Listening to the work of the Genius Harold Budd, a very intense song is
'Abandoned Cities'. Recorded in 1983, it`s a dark, droning piece over
23 minutes. In his liner notes, Harold Budd wrote that he is 'incredibly proud of
these pieces. A few of them are the best I´ve ever done - definitely the
best titled - and I´m proud that they never just slipped away forever.'
Well, Harold, you´re absolutely right.

'Abandoned Cities' evokes, what is intended to evoke:

Solitude, Loneliness, Darkness, Blankness, Longing, Melancholy...,
Well, not always the most positive emotions, but very intense...

More you would find here, and you could read a review here...,


The afternoon: Bringing back some light and enjoying the colours...







The evening: A new round of moon...


Where do you want to go? (November 4th, 2011 / November 6th, 2011)